Savvi Fashion and Savvi Fit have been created under the watchful eye of designer, Rachael Domingo. Weaving together her 20 years in the fashion industry, Rachael has set out to create clothing that celebrates the beauty and diversity of women by creating clothing that is well designed, inclusive, and luxurious. Rachael believes fashion is for every body and clothing should make every woman feel exceptional.


We create uniquely designed stylish clothing that everybody loves because it loves every body

What do we mean when we say “uniquely designed?” Each Savvi Fashion piece starts with our design team and is created and crafted to make every woman feel amazing when they put it on. Luxurious fabrics, on-trend designs and patterns, tried and true basics, and high quality construction so that every Savvi item competes for a spot at the front of the closet.


We offer exceptionally high quality fitness clothing that makes every body feel unstoppable

The Savvi Fit line of products has been created to keep up with your day and your fitness goals—Savvi Fit can be both strong and gorgeous, just like you. We created gear and apparel that will keep up with your most demanding day on the mat, trail, or gym. Supportive, well constructed, with street-ready style so you can run the day.

Luxe Collection

The Luxe Collection brings you what you deserve.   High Quality and Luxurious Designs meant for the Savvi shopper. 

Check back often for updates on the full release of the Luxe Collection.

Coming Soon