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Sips are a collection of wellness drinks foundationally designed to enhance overall well-being, naturally targeting and supporting physical health, beauty, mood and energy. Journey towards age-defying health + beauty with SAVVI Sips.

Deliciously crafted, our collection of adaptogenic blends each offer a unique experience to enjoy, as well as individualized benefits in addition to the line’s foundational function. Consumed alone, they are powerful and serve their purpose, yet enjoyed together they collectively help create an optimal state of health.


Greens Superfood PowderVitality. Digestion. Weight.


Multi-Collagen PeptidesYouth. Beauty. Strength.


Adaptogenic Morning BlendMood. Energy. Focus.


  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • non GMO
  • Sugar free


A clean + natural formulation that supports your balanced mood, energy + focus, SAVVI Shine is the perfect way to start your day. With green tea extract, ashwaghanda, + selectively chosen ingredients, this adaptogenic formulation provides a gentle boost of energy without the jitters and crashes that aggressive caffeine drinks typically create. While our Match Green Tea flavor is bittersweet with floral + vanilla tones, our Lavender Cacao is rich, decadent, earthy + smooth.



Crafted for the most discerning consumer, this delicious, all-natural greens and superfood blend is designed to enhance your well-being, boost immunity, improve digestion, help to achieve your ideal weight and more, all while saving you both time and money! Focused on results and formulated with the highest quality ingredients, BOOST has no artificial sweeteners or fillers and is packed with 34 essential superfoods, adaptogens, prebiotics, and probiotics. Consuming our refreshingly delicious Peach Mango BOOST daily is the simplest most effective way to provide your body with the foundational nutrition it needs to function at its best!



Achieve youthful health + beauty from the inside out with SAVVI Glow, delivering a fusion of 5 collagen peptides enriched with the goodness of apple cider vinegar, hyaluronic acid, + vitamin C. This powerful combination, along with a healthy diet + exercise, works synergistically to nurture vibrant skin, luxurious hair, + strong nails - all while promoting bone + joint health, supporting balanced weight + promoting improved digestion.

Michele Redmond, GAVerified Buyer

Today marks almost 4 months. I’ve been using the GLOW, and all I can say is it’s incredible how just adding one simple product into my daily regime has made all the difference. First of all, my hair on the sides of my face is starting to grow in where it’s been thinning. My skin elasticity has improved greatly. I exercise a lot, and I’m hard on my body. The glow has helped my joints just feel stronger throughout the day. I’m also not as bloated and feel overall just healthier. I’m 58, and living my best life is everything to me, so anything that adds to my journey is important to me. Here’s to being healthy and happy!

Suzanne Evans, NC Verified Buyer

My skin glows, my energy pops, and I feel amazing. Running two businesses, homeschooling a 7 year old, and recently losing 70 pounds- I want results, I want easy, and it better taste amazing. Boost does it all! It’s one stop wellness for the busy, picky, driven human. I LOVE this product.

Nicole Wagner, ORVerified Buyer

It’s been a whole year since I’ve been drinking the SAVVI SHINE SIPS daily. Before SHINE came along I struggled constantly with fatigue. I couldn’t make it through a day without a nap. I had zero motivation and was tired all the time. I didn’t drink coffee because it made me jittery and I hated the taste. With SHINE I feel a calm steady energy all day. It’s allowed me to be more focused and productive and that has, in all honestly, made a noticeable change in my life. I am so thankful every single day for this product and getting up in the morning to start my day with it is probably my favorite part of the day!

Why we made it

“We created SAVVI sips out of a realization that beauty + wellness, though often treated as separate realms, are deeply intertwined. Amidst a market flooded with superficial + unnatural solutions, we recognized a void for products that cater to both inner vitality + external radiance. It wasn’t just about looking good, but feeling good at every age. Our pursuit was not just to add another product to the shelf, but to craft a holistic (+ delicious) experience that defied conventional boundaries. SAVVI sips is our response to the collective call for genuine transformation – a testament to our belief that aging can be a journey of empowerment + grace.”

—Jenn Ashby + Ken Porter
SAVVI Founders