Savvi Experts

Some people have worked a lifetime to develop a special skill, gain certain knowledge or develop a unique talent. They may be somewhere around the globe or across the street. There are giants among us that have something great to give. Experts, Creatives, Geniuses and consummate Pros that can make our lives better.

They're Savvi Experts.


Savvi People

Savvi people are attracted to quality. They like things that work. Form is great, but function is a must. They aren’t afraid to break from the crowd. They research, they’re in the know. Mass marketing doesn’t move them. Cheapest price isn’t their top criteria. These people are educated and make wise choices...

They're Savvi People.


Savvi Brings Experts and Savvi People together


Savvi asks each Expert the same question...

``With your knowledge, expertise and life experience, if you could develop any product you wanted to bless people’s lives, what would you create and why? ``

Their answer is what brings Savvi products to life!

Meet Our Savvi Experts

Savvi Incubator

Creating quality..

The Savvi Incubator combines Expert knowledge along with our Savvi customer feedback to create amazing products.

Incubator products use crowdsourced reviews, metrics and experiences to either move them forward as part of our larger Savvi Brand, or they might not make the cut and we move on to the next.  Our customers decide which products and services become a Savvi product.

Join us in the process of bringing quality products that fit specific needs to the market.  You’re Savvi, join the movement!

Savvi Community

The best recommendations come from people you know. We all value word of mouth suggestions from those trusted people that are always the first to know about the latest and greatest trends and products—it’s your savviest friend.

We created Savvi because we know how powerful and important those real life recommendations are for helping shoppers that are looking for something exceptional.

We believe in freedom, flexibility, and that you should be rewarded for your hard work. Savvi is a direct sales company where you can create the life you want for yourself and your family. Savvi provides the best products from the most talented experts, so you can succeed.

Joining the Savvi community means that you’ll always have the support, encouragement, and guidance from mentors and experts that are always in your corner.

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